Controls/How to Play:


Space bar: Jump from the helicopter

Directional Keys: Control the decent of the spy

Change the direction too much and you'll lose integrity in your parachute.  If the parachute runs out of integrity then your spy will free fall.

The more spies you land the higher score you'll earn.


SpyLander was created by a group of grad students at the University of Utah for a prototype class.  This game was made for the purpose of learning the prototype process which means this game is not fully complete.  It was designed after the classic arcade game Lunar Lander and iterated upon to make a unique experience all on its own.  Think Lunar Lander meets James Bond!  Drop your spies down behind enemy lines to take out valuable targets to score points.  If your spy doesn't land on a targeted landing zone then it's game over.  Good luck!

Team members:

  • Alek Johnson (Artist),
  • Arash Tadjiki (Engineer)
  • Brady Campbell (Tech Artist)
  • Joshua Dudleston (Artist)
  • Marcus Holm (Producer)
  • Rewant Verma (Producer) 

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